Jukebox with poetry in public space all over the world.


New Poetry Jukebox in Greenwich Village

Come and listen for yourself. Inauguration taking place Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018, 5pm on the place of the triangle between 6th Ave and 8th Street.


from 26. 9. 2017

Installation in Brusel next 
to European parlament.


27. 7. 2017

Temporary installation with selection of contemporary Moravian poets.



Nové Město na Moravě, Czech republic

In the heart of region Vysočina, you can find one of our installation, which we were prepared directly with the City of Nové Město na Moravě. You can listen to words by Bohuslav Reynek, Vladimír Holan, Petr Hruška or Karel Kryl right there.

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Olomouc, Czech republic

Ivan Blatný, Václav Burian, Stanislav Denk, Milan Kozelka, Radek Malý, Alena Nádvorníková and even the classic one, Jiří Wolker. Potry Jukebox in Olomouc is there, settle down on Václavské náměstí, U Dómu, with the selection of most famous local based authors for you from the 1st June of 2016.

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Opava, Czech republic

The Poetry Jukebox in Opava was prepared in our collaboration with the local cultural organizers from Opavská kulturní organizace and Památník Petra Bezruče. From the May of 2017 you can find the park in the front of the Obecní dům in Opava the selection with contemporary authors from Moravian-Silesian region like Miroslav Černý, Radek Glabazňa or Dan Jedlička and the poems from classic local authors like Petr Bezruč.

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Prague, Czech republic

Our first installation. Started during March 2015. And you can still find this one Poetry Jukebox on Náměstí Míru (Prague 2). Nowadays with the selection of American beat generation and some kind of Czech parallels.

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Ruth E. Wittenberg Triangle, NYC, USA

New Poetry Jukebox installed in Greenwich Village. Inauguration taking place Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018, 5pm. No, it's not a disoriented submarine, nor a particularly excited exhaust pipe peeking from underneath the asphalt of Ruth E. Wittenberg triangle. It's a poetry jukebox, doing exactly as the name suggests: playing poetry on demand. You walk by, you press a button, you hear a poem. It’s strikingly simple and, well, kind of genius. You probably won't find “Hound dog” on its track list - but you might as well go for another dogged crowd pleaser, Ginsberg’s “Howl”! This is not the first installation of the ingenious concept into foreign territory. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, and Germany have all experienced the Jukebox, specifically designed to reflect the literary memory of its surroundings. Even New York City has one already: you might catch a glimpse of it in front of the Bowery Poetry Club, just around the corner from where the infamous CBGB once stood. Its grand opening in 2016 coincided with Allen Ginsberg’s 90th birthday anniversary, so it's no wonder its “tracks” feature a selection of 20 beat generation poems by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso and others. And the new acquisition in Greenwich Village? Will it be the uncatchable flow of Frank O'Hara? Perhaps the ominous echo of a certain romantic amateur ornithologist? Come and listen for yourself! The new installation for passers-by of the triangle between 6th Ave and 8th Street will be inaugurated on Tuesday, Oct 23 2018 at 5pm with a live performance in the honorable presence of Hynek Kmoníček, the current Czech Republic Ambassador to the United States.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

The first Bulgarian Poetry Jukebox is situated in city garden Gradska Gradina in the center of Sofia. Prepared in the beautiful collaboration with The Czech Centre Sofia and the City of Sofia we opened in on 10th May of 2017 with the selection of contemporary Bulgarian writers during the festival The Literature Night in Sofia.

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